Francois Gautier

About the Author

François Gautier (born 1950) is a journalist based in India and served as the "South Asian" correspondent for multiple reputed French-language dailies. A prominent Hindutva activist, he makes allegations of a 'Hindu Holocaust' in medieval times and advocates Indigenous Aryan theories. He is also the founder of a private museum that seeks to portray Indian history in a correct nationalist manner. Gautier has been documented to have propagated fake news on multiple occasions. Gautier became interested in Indology when he began to travel outside Auroville. Sita Ram Goel contacted Gautier after reading some of his articles in a magazine called Blitz and asked for permission to reprint the articles in his book. Gautier instead wrote the book The Wonder That Is India. Later, the website Hinduism Today republished it online. Following this, Gautier wrote several other books. Gautier has worked on a book about the martial art Kalaripayattu of South India with photographer Raghu Rai. In 2010, an anonymously authored novel titled Hindutva, Sex and Adventure was published that featured a foreign radio journalist who came to India and became a Hindutva sympathizer—it was considered to be a satire of BBC reporter Mark Tully. It was speculated that Gautier may have been the author, but he denied the allegation.