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Hindu Society Under Siege

 by    Sita Ram Goel   

Hindu Society Under Siege

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Born in 1921, Sita Ram Goel took his M.A. in History in 1944, from the University of Delhi. He won scholarships and distinctions in school as well as college. Well-versed in several languages, he had studied the literature, philosophy, religion, history, and sociology of several cultures ancient, medieval and modern. For his judgments and evaluations, however, he drew his inspiration from the Mahabharata, the Suttapitaka, Plato and Sri Aurobindo. He had written several documented studies on Communism, Soviet Russia, Red China, Christianity, and Islam. Author of eight novels, he had translated into Hindi quite a few books from English, including some dialogues of Plato and a biography of Shivaji. His other works include compilations from the Mahabharata and the Suttapitaka. Having become a convinced Communist by the time he came out of college, he turned against this criminal ideology in 1949 when he came to know what was happening inside Soviet Russia. From 1950 onwards he participated in a movement for informing the Indian people about the theory as well as the practice of Communism in Stalin\'s Russia and Mao's China. The numerous studies published by the movement in the fifties exist in cold print in many libraries and can be consulted for finding out how the movement anticipated by many years the recent revelations about Communist regimes.

Author :  Sita Ram Goel   
Publisher :  Voice of India   
Binding : Paperback
ISBN-13 : 978-8185990675
Language : English
ISBN 10 : 8185990670
Total Pages : 46
Release Year : 2019

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