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#MODI AGAIN (Why Modi is right for India) An Ex-Communist’s Manifesto

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Aabhas, a self-professed Marxist voted against BJP and Narendra Modi in 2014. This is the story of his journey of transformation from a Modi hater to a Modi supporter.

In his own words—"I had both heart at twenty and now have brain while I kiss thirty.  This is a true story of journey from being a ‘Marxist’ to an alleged ‘Modi Bhakt.’ I once saw Arvind Kejriwal as the saviour of the realm and Modi as a mass-murderer.”

A study tour to Ajanta Caves began to shape a new Aabhas. He questioned the indoctrination into Communist ideology he got in college. “India leaped to become the third-fastest growing economy and its respect in the world reflects on the leadership of Modi.  This is a New India, making alliances and friends, and willing to hit its enemies hard.”





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Aabhas Maldahiyar


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