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Namaste 2020 Hindu Planner

It is said about Maharishi Vyasa: Prajwalito Jnanamayah Pradipah, i.e; He lit the lamp of knowledge!

Bharat – A magnanimous and benevolent thought, the oldest surviving civilization, the grandest and most resilient indigenous traditions, an unparalleled inclusive and pluralist culture and so much more…Often lost in translation and interpretation.

This is our humble attempt to reclaim the narrative and find ways to reinvigorate its wisdom, one project at a time.  Starting with time itself, Bharat’s most significant gift to mankind is the Kala Ganana. The Hindu texts describe units of Kala measurements, from microseconds to trillions of years. 

Simplified for our day to day use and reflected in the humble panchang. This Hindu planner will introduce or reacquaint you to some elements of this elaborate and magnificent system to understand our place in this time and space.


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Mitra Desai,

Nilesh Oak


Subbu Publications


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