Pandit Vishnu Sharma

Vishnu Sharman also known as Vishnu Sharma (Sanskrit: ) was an Indian scholar and author who is believed to have written the Panchatantra collection of fables.[The exact period of the composition of the Panchatantra is uncertain, and estimates vary from 1200 BCE to 300 CE. Some scholars place him in the 3rd century BCE. Vishnu Sharman is one of the most widely translated non-religious authors in history. The Panchatantra was translated into Pahlavi in 570 CE by Borz ya and into Arabic in 750 CE by Persian scholar Abdullah Ibn al-Muqaffa as Kal lah wa Dimnah (Arabic: ).In Baghdad, the translation commissioned by Al-Mansur, the second Abbasid Caliph, is claimed to have become \"second only to the Qu\'ran in popularity.\"As early as the eleventh century this work reached Europe, and before 1600 it existed in Greek, Latin, Spanish, Italian, German, English, Old Slavonic, Czech, and perhaps other Slavonic languages. Its range has extended from Java to Iceland. " In France, "at least eleven Panchatantra tales are included in the work of La Fontaine.