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Sardar Patel the Supreme Architect in Unification of India - Volume 2

 by    Justice S.N. Aggarwal   
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"Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed met Sardar Patel and both had a frank discussion about Kashmir and Sheikh Abdullah. Bakshi asked Sardar Patel, 'why do you not take over the problem and finish it like Hyderabad?'

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How many of us really know how the issues related to North-Eastern states were handled? Or, for that matter, what was Privy Purse for the princely states? Why Sardar was worried that they were attempts not to grant them Constitutional status (Indira Gandhi got it abolished in the early 1970s)? Further, this book sheds special light on how the Hyderabad episode was handled. Coming from a former Judge, also the author of “Nehru’s Himalayan Blunders”, the book provides to-the-point arguments based on official documents, a large number of which have been quoted verbatim. For those who wanted to know anything about the humongous effort of Sardar in unifying India, be it a student or a researcher or just anyone wanting to more about one’s own country, this book is a real eye-opener. We all know that India has existed thousands and thousands of years before 1947. But, had Sardar been the king of yesteryears, he could well have been known as the ‘chakravartin’, who brought entire India under one umbrella – that is the Indian union. Read this book know how he achieved that feat - democratically.


Author :  Justice S.N. Aggarwal   
Publisher :  Garuda Prakashan   
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
ISBN-13 : 978-1942426370
Edition : 2nd
Total Pages : 464
Product Weight : 400 gms
Return Conditions : Non-returnable

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