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Thank You India (Buy 3 Author Signed copies )


This Pack contains three Author Signed copies of ‘Thank You India’. Signed by Maria Wirth herself, this book is not only an excellent gift about the spiritual heritage and wisdom of India, but would also look graceful in your personal book collection! Written with warmth and love for India, her experiences will make you feel thoughtful about our gurus and this ancient land’s traditions.
Thank You India is an ode to India and its wisdom. Stumbling into India on an accidental layover in 1980, Maria Wirth got drawn into a seeker’s journey, searching for truth and encountering the many remarkable men and women, gurus and teachers, who would act as guides for her decades in India. From Sai Baba to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, from Anandamayi Ma to Amma, she records her close personal encounters and experiences.
The journey will take us to secluded and unknown yogis in the Himalayas to the famous celebrity gurus, to colourful festivals and ascetic caves. But her real journey is the inner voyage to Yoga or union, a union with the Self. As we travel with and through her, we get to reflect on love and death, rebirth and liberation, the necessity and the limitations of the guru, and through it our own. Finding both inspiration and disillusionment, she returns again to her own Self and to the wisdom of India, a treasure for all of humanity.





Maria Wirth


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