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Thank You India – Combo

“There are many paths to the peak of a mountain… such tolerant view is unfortunately rather unique in this world” -Maria Wirth on Bharat Mata’s tolerance in “Thank You India”.

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Quotes and Excerpts from “THANK YOU INDIA” by MARIA WIRTH:

1.“Mother India or Bharat Mata is generous…She shows to everyone, how to make life joyful and worthwhile, provided he is interested in knowing it. But, she is not pushy and doesn’t try to convince others of her wisdom                                                               -Maria Wirth on Mother India in her book “Thank You India”

2.“The trust, common in India, that all that happens is ultimately for the best, took hold of me, as well.”

3.“I do not ‘have to’ be unhappy, or angry or hurt or whatever else…(I) can be myself….Thank You India”

4.“Strangely, nobody asks who or what misguides these youth who killed and maimed at random numerous people…. ‘Fighting is prescribed for you, though you may dislike it’, says Quran…”

5.“Christian leaders are in a weak position, as till some 250 years ago, Christians too killed in the name of their God… May be that is why the West is so confused and tries to absolve religion from terror.”

6.“Hindus would not attack a hotel or railway station or cafe and kill at random…Yes, Hindus also killed, for example Lt Governor O’ Dwyer, who approved of General Dyer’s action, to shoot many thousand unarmed Hindus who were trapped in Jalianwala Bagh…Hindu dharma allows killing of cruel despots.”

7.“From my outsider perspective, it is incomprehensible that India does not choose Sanskrit as link language and as a language for higher education, instead of English….Foreigners meanwhile learn Sanskrit in droves.”

8.“Sanskrit would not, as English medium does, dim the naturally high intelligence of Indians, but Increase it…English is slowly losing its ‘world language’ tag…”

9.“A lot is made of ‘freedom of speech’. Nobody seems to realise that the greatest curb on freedom of speech happens due to English medium in schools and in jobs. The students cannot say what they want to say, because they don’t have the words.”

Maria Wirth’s insight on the damage English does in India; from her book “Thank You India”




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