Who were the Harappans? How are they related to present-day Indians? Was there
ever an “Aryan Invasion”? The Sarasvati Civilization: A New Paradigm in Ancient
Indian History brings together evidence from satellite imagery, geology,
hydrodynamics, archaeology, epigraphy, textual hermeneutics and DNA research to
place together ancient Indian history in the light of new discoveries and facts which
were simply not available to colonial historians of the 19th century and have been
overlooked thereafter.
At the heart of the ancient Indian Civilization was the mighty Sarasvati river which
was in full flow 5000-6000 years ago. 60–80 % of the so-called Indus Valley
Civilisation sites which have been discovered are not on the banks of the Indus but
on the course of the Sarasvati. The drying-out of the river is the most significant
factor in the history and migrations of the ancient Indians. With new evidence, the
time has come for a significant paradigm shift in Indology. This book breaks new
ground to lay the foundation for an authentic Indian history.


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