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 About the book

Film-maker Vivek Agnihotri writes of his journey in making the film “Buddha in a Traffic Jam” which exposed the nexus between an India-wide Maoist terror movement and their supporters in urban centers such as academia and media. Naxalites are waging war on India with details plans for an overthrow of the State. Urban Naxals act to amplify their message, serve as recruiters and wage a propaganda war through social and conventional media. This gripping story recounts Agnihotri’s own grooming in College to be an Urban Naxal and details the plans and modus operandi of the movement. Agnihotri’s story is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Buddha in a Traffic Jam”, the violent resistance to its screening, and an expose of the world’s largest extreme-left terror movement and its penetration into urban India.

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Who are Urban Naxals or Urban Naxalites?

Urban Naxals are educated people in academia, media, NGOs and urban civil society in India who support violent insurrection against the State. They are often motivated by a violent-Left ideology and seek to achieve their objectives via coordinated violence rather than by democratic means. While the Naxalite movement is often associated with remote tribal areas, Urban Naxalism is a phenomenon in cities and urban centers. Urban Naxals act to amplify and normalize the violent Naxal movements such us the “People’s War Group", names among the top ten terror groups in the world,  and act as recruiters, propagandists and sources of funds. Naxalism is named as the leading internal security threat to India.

‘Urban Maoists live in AC surroundings, move around in big cars and their children study abroad, but they ruin the lives of our poor Adivasi youth here through remote control’ :PM Modi

‘Urban Naxals plotted to kill the PM, huge arms procurement planned’ says police



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2 reviews for Urban Naxals (40% Off)

  1. Garuda Books

    “You must read this book because there are people out there who don’t want you to.”
    Rahul Roushan.

  2. shreyas.parker

    Usually, I have only two opinions on any movie I watch. Either I like it or I don’t. Buddha in a Traffic Jam was unlike such movies. It didn’t have a “likeness” factor. It was a revelation.

    I have been hearing of Naxal infestation in parts of Central and Eastern India since childhood. I remember reading various news magazines in my teens and early twenties. There were often some articles on Naxalism which always interested me. Almost all the articles had a conclusion that although Naxalism is violent, it has a benevolent purpose.

    Fortunately, I grew up in a city which celebrates enterprise. I have witnessed people (yes, PEOPLE. Not one or two persons. PEOPLE) rising from rags to riches through sheer hard-work and their unrelenting struggles against failures. I have always learned that to fight poverty, one needs to earn money. It’s that simple. No arms, no murders, no reservations, no unnecessary protests. Just hard-work.

    Unfortunately, Naxalites/Leftists are unable to understand it. I fail to comprehend that in spite of decades of violence, they are unable to achieve an iota of their goals and still they want to make us believe that guns are the only solution to poverty. Either they are foolish, or they are just making a business out of it. I don’t believe that former is the case, because their leaders are “intellectuals”. But if later is the case, then they are still foolish because if they let competition take it’s course, eventually they will make much more money. So, in either case, they are just foolish and a nuisance to our economy.

    Anyway, back to the movie and the book. I suggest that one should first watch the movie before reading the book. The book is about the making of the movie and the lengths the maker had to go through in scripting, financing, casting, directing and screening this movie. This book reinforces my belief in sheer hard-work and unrelenting struggles in achieving the goals. While reading it (and while watching the movie), I was surprised to know the involvement of caretakers of some of the most prestigious institutions in recruiting for the Naxal cadres. Even more surprising was the revelation was that they have managed to infest cities like Surat and Ahmedabad, which are considered epitome of Capitalism triumphs.

    Although they are in minority, the Naxalities have managed to influence the policy-making of India. This is just because, we, as majority, have ignored it or have remained quiet, or have just not cared for it because we were too busy. This books is exactly for such people. The very first words of the book are:

    समर शेष है पाप का भागी केवल नहीं है व्याध।
    जो तटस्थ हैं समय लिखेगा उनका भी अपराध।।

    Being neutral is no longer an option. Being neutral will only make the evil stronger. We need to pick a side. Reading this book will sure help one to pick it.

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Editorial Review

“For Bastar and its people, oppressed by Naxal terror for four decades, it is great source of joy that, people outside Bastar are now beginning to feel, understand and hear our pain and are stepping forward. Better late than never. In this context, as a filmmaker, scriptwriter and author, you hold a special place. Just as you have approached any subject you have tackled, whether as a scriptwriter or as a director or as a writer, with a serious solution-oriented approach, this same sincerity and boldness shows up in your writing on the Naxal problem. Your book “Urban Naxals” is evidence of this, where you unmask the white-collar Urban Naxals sitting in the capital Delhi and other major cities of India and their violent ideology. Felicitations and best wishes from AGNI for this noble effort done for the sake of the nation.”


Founding Member

Action Group for National Integrity (AGNI)

(AGNI is a leading NGO fighting Naxal terror in Bastar)